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72% Of Organizations Don't Have Effective MSL Onboarding Programs

The medical science liaison role is extremely complex. Medical science liaisons are out representing your organization to the most established physicians. They are tasked with gaining important insights into patient needs and challenges, so these are incorporated into drugs and medical device development. Despite this complexity, our recent onboarding survey has revealed that initial training for MSLs consists

Despite this complexity, our recent onboarding survey has revealed that initial training for medical science liaisons consists of only being given a set of journal articles related to the product or disease state for at home self-study! Naturally, this does not prepare medical science liaisons for the job, resulting in expensive mistakes, churn and lower productivity. Our comprehensive program changes this.

Our comprehensive program changes this. Over this comprehensive 5 day program, we will prepare your latest hires for success in the field. This frees up your time and accelerates the development of new hires, so they can hit the field running.

The Program Schedule

We Cover Everything a Newly Hired MSL Needs To Be Successful

Day 1:

  • ■ Overview of pharma industry
  • ■ Specialty Drugs
  • ■ Clinical Studies
  • ■ Generics Overview of
  • ■ FDA Regulation
  • ■ Clinical Trial Conduct

Day 2:

  • ■ Dynamics of Pharmaceutical Companies
  • ■ Territory Management
  • ■ Overview of Medical Affairs
  • ■ Typical Roles and Departments in Medical Affairs
  • ■ MSL Role Overview
  • ■ Guidelines On How To Perform Role
  • ■ On-Label vs. Off-Label

Day 3:

  • ■ Finding Quality Literature
  • ■ Statistics and Analyzing Data
  • ■ Research Papers
  • ■ Clinical Research Papers
  • ■ Pre-Clinical Research Papers
  • ■ HEOR and PE Research

Day 4:

  • ■ Overview of Clinical Pharmacology
  • ■ Safety Measures
  • ■ Planning a Presentation
  • ■ Designing a Presentation
  • ■ Delivering a Presentation
  • ■ Adding Value to KOLs

Day 5:

  • ■ Key Competencies For The Role
  • ■ Communication, Rapport & Leadership
  • ■ Emotional Intelligence
  • ■ Relationship Development
  • ■ Networking
  • ■ Soft Information

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Registration for the MSL Society Onboarding Training Program costs $3,500. Click here to register.

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For groups, or teams of 3 or more we offer team discounts. Email Daniel Miller to register your team!

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